The So What? Question is a podcast for historians to share what they do and why it matters. Hosted by Evan Faulkenbury, Assistant Professor of History at the State University of New York at Cortland.

          I had the idea for the podcast during the spring/summer of 2016. I had worked on a podcast for the Southern Oral History Program, and I wanted to experiment with one of my own. While still living in Chapel Hill, NC over the summer, I reached out to history faculty and graduate students to sit for an interview. Except for three interviews conducted over Skype, I interviewed everyone at UNC who agreed to be interviewed in person. That’s why this podcast is so UNC-heavy and why interviews sound like oral histories. The podcast will end later in 2017 after publishing 25 total interviews.

          Thanks to everyone who participated…I learned a lot about interviewing, podcasting, and public history. I plan to write more about the joys and challenges of podcasting–and what I learned–later in 2017 after the podcast concludes. Stay tuned!